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millions of viewers can't be wrong!

 Ron’s annual one hour comedy specials have become a New Year's tradition with television viewers from coast to coast, garnering over 6 million viewers through the years. Earning effusive praise from public and critics alike, Canada’s relentless road warrior continues to raise the bar as he cuts a satiric swath through the year that was and the world as it is.

Each DVD includes 15 minutes of added material (either too risqué for television, or too funny for the lawyers!). Ron's electrically entertaining and seamless delivery prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ‘Ron James is at the top of his game’...GLOBE AND MAIL

‘Must see TV’... SUN Media

 ‘Cleverly, hysterically funny'…Toronto Star

'A high wire act of hilarity'…Edmonton Journal

'Fast, funny and smart'…Montreal Gazette

‘Scarcely time to breathe between fits of helpless laughter’…Halifax Chronicle Herald


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Ron's most recent comedy special delivers what the 1.5 million fans who watched it have come to expect: intelligent, cutting-edge content complemented by a rollicking delivery that's seen him heralded as the "gold standard of Canadian stand-up comedians".

True North finds Ron James marshalling his poetically and politically charged brand of funny as he searches for slivers of sanity in a world lost of its moorings during the year that went so categorically 'Cuckoo.' We saw America lose its collective mind by electing a carny barking billionaire fascist bully bull-shitter spawned from the unreality of reality TV.







‘The Big Picture' finds RON JAMES delivering his poetically charged brand of funny as he charts a path of satiric sanity in these days of constant, dizzying change on our rapidly spinning planet.

Observations on the ‘everyday', from stocking up for the ‘end times’ at Costco, twits on Twitter, to the whiplash-inducing Orwellian 'double speak' of corporate spin, that has Big Oil selling 'spills' as an economic boon and trendy juice bars selling goji berry kale smoothies as a short cut to immortality!

Ron will weigh in on that ‘digital crack house’ we call Netflix, where North Americans are busy ‘binge watching’ their way comatose, awakening from their stupor in the Lazy Boy 72 hours later practically stinky in their own filth!

With our privacy on the endangered list and most people thinking 'Big Brother' is just a show about horny twenty-something fame junkies holed up in a condo, Ron looks at our ‘text you later’ culture where someone with 2000 Facebook ‘friends’ can still be alone on a Saturday night, and authentic human contact is becoming rare as unicorn milk.





‘Fast Forward’ is Ron at the top of his comedy game, verbally stick-handling his way through the minefields of contemporary culture with his trademark poetically charged pugnacious delivery, doing his best to clarify this chaos called ‘Life’ in the language of laughs.

Ron delivers a rant on his i-Phone addiction with some great physical comedy, noting that, ‘more people in the world have cell phones than toilets, which could explain why there’s so much crap on the internet! ’ Despite his membership in this generation of desk bound ‘mole-men’, squirrelled away in our techno-caves oblivious to what’s outside our front door, Ron’s eyes are opened to a wider world of wonders during a summertime arctic rafting trip down an ice age river to the Beaufort Sea. It’s way up there in the open spaces he hears the soul note singing loud and clear: ‘where aurora borealis does a jitterbug over infinite horizon and you stumble humble damn near drunk on champagne air, down groove smooth paths cut by antlered armies on the hoof a million moons before Romulus and Remus suckled on the She Wolf’s nipple’. You’d don’t get that buzz playing X-Box!



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