Firth River Rafting Adventures

Last post found me on Canada Day, waving my flag from Inuvik, NWT headed for a two week trip down the Firth River through Ivvavik Nat. Park. Its 10,662 square kilometres of primal country home to the 150,000 strong Porcupine Caribou herd, who cross that many kilometres of unforgiving terrain to drop their calves in Spring, through weather that would turn a Yeti back! Its where the haunting cries of peregrine falcons ride the wind and arctic wildflowers, defiant with colour in their shamelessly short shelf life, carpet a rolling tundra that's seen fellow travellers traverse its hills and valleys since a Beringia buffet had wooly mammoth on the menu! 'Ivvavik' means 'birthplace' in Inuvialuit, the tongue of the people from Canada's Western Arctic who won its preservation from oil and mining interests in a land clams settlement. There's some historic irony for ya: the people we stole the country from are the ones who are saving it! Rafting with Neil Hartling's class act of a company, Nahanni & Canadian River Expeditions, this 'bucket list scratch' had me sitting in 10,000 year old tent rings listening to the wind sing a holy soul note while gazing cross a vast and mighty plain where people once pulled a living from with nothing but bone, stone and sinew. That being said, I'm glad I had a couple of Mars bars to stem the 'growlies' cause if I had to depend on filling my stomach that way, I'd of eaten my own thumbs for supper. It was worth every penny and I'd do it again tomorrow.What odds by'?! Life is short. Get out there and marvel cause Canada is some cool!